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What Is Reverse Osmosis and How Does It Work?

July 27, 2021

Reverse osmosis is the process of removing contaminants by sending water through a semipermeable membrane. This results in clean drinking water that is separated from waste. Many home and business owners are investing in reverse osmosis (RO) technology for many of their water needs. Let’s take a closer look at how the RO water purification process works and whether it might be right for you. How RO systems work These systems work in several phases. An RO system includes an under-counter holding tank, and water goes through several filtration phases. The first phase is prefiltration, which is designed to protect... View Article

What Is Whole-House Filtration, and How Does It Work?

July 12, 2021

If you’ve decided you want to implement a water filtration system in your home, knowing where to start can seem daunting. There’s a seemingly infinite amount of water filtration systems that use several different methods and are equipped for a wide variety of water delivery systems. But no matter where your water comes from, you can’t go wrong with a whole-house water filtration system. A whole-house water filter purifies all the water that comes into your home and treats it before it comes out of any faucet, showerhead or laundry hose. Here’s what whole-house filtration is and how it works.... View Article

Why It’s Important to Have a Water Filtration System in Your Scottsdale, AZ Home

June 28, 2021

Having easy access to clean drinking water is a fundamental building block of human civilization. This is why every home has tap water. But have you ever thought about what’s actually in your tap water? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has uniform guidelines that state what levels of chemicals are acceptable in residential drinking water. But if you live in Scottsdale, AZ, you might still want to implement a water filtration system. Using water filtration can provide you and your family with exceptionally clean water. Here’s why that’s so important. Where the water comes from Over 90% percent of... View Article

Some Common Myths About Water Softeners

June 10, 2021

Water softeners are highly beneficial for reducing the mineral content in water and helping your equipment run more efficiently and effectively. However, there are some common myths and misunderstandings about this type of appliance and what it can do for you in your commercial building. Here’s a quick look at some of the most common myths about water softeners in Phoenix, AZ and the truths behind them. MYTH: Water softeners will produce purified water Water purification can be accomplished with other types of appliances, but not a water softener. Water softeners are merely designed to reduce water hardness, taking out... View Article

The Advantages of Having a Commercial Water Softener

May 27, 2021

If you own a commercial property, there are a lot of issues you’ll need to consider to keep your property in great condition and to get the most efficiency out of its associated infrastructure. This includes having an understanding of your water system, and the difference between hard and soft water. We encourage you to research the functionality of a commercial water softener and its benefits to your Phoenix, AZ business. Here’s a bit of information for you to consider. Solving the problem of hard water Hard water refers to water with an elevated concentration of minerals like calcium and... View Article