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The History of Water Purification Systems

January 9, 2023

Your body needs a large amount of water to function properly. However, it doesn’t just need any water; it needs pure and clean drinking water. Water purification allows businesses and homeowners to get the healthy water they need to sustain life. These are some details about water purification systems, the different types they have, and how they came about. What Does a Water Purification System Do?  A water purification or water filtration system removes the contaminants in water. Several types of purification systems exist, and each person must decide which one is best for their home or establishment. Some common... View Article

What Is Reduction in Water Purification?

December 19, 2022

When it comes to water purification, many different types of purification can be at work at the same time. Understanding what some of these processes are can help you make the best choices when choosing a water purification system for your home or business. In the quick guide, we will provide information on water filtration oxidation-reduction and how it can affect the water purification process. What Is Oxidation Reduction? Oxidation-reduction is a process that uses an electrochemical reaction to eliminate water contaminants. This process can remove contaminants such as chlorine or other chemicals that are introduced to water during the... View Article

The Benefits of Water Purification

December 5, 2022

People often use the terms water purification and water filtration interchangeably, but the truth is these are two distinct processes that accomplish two different goals. If you are concerned about the water quality in your home or business, it is important that you know the difference between these two processes. This quick guide will provide you with information on understanding the differences and benefits of water purification. Why Water Needs To Be Treated Water purification and filtration are necessary in the first place because almost all water from any source will have a certain amount of contaminants. Community water is treated with chemicals... View Article

What Is Water Conditioning?

November 28, 2022

If you are concerned with achieving the best quality water possible, water conditioning is something you should be aware of. Beyond water purification, this process allows businesses and homeowners to achieve the very highest quality of water. This quick guide will provide you with important information on water conditioning. Let’s get started. What Does Water Conditioning Mean? Water conditioning is a way to strain out impurities from a water source. Water softening is the practice of removing totally dissolved solids (TDS) from the water and is accomplished through ion exchange. During the ion exchange process, the water is percolated through bead-like... View Article

Effects of Unfiltered Water in Your Home

November 7, 2022

Using filters and purifiers to clean the water in your home is more than a trend; it’s a procedure that can help to preserve your family’s health. The following are some details about how unfiltered water can affect you. The effects of drinking contaminated water can be catastrophic. These are some of the ways unfiltered water can be dangerous to your health and wallet: Bacteria can cause disease.  Unfiltered water can have harmful bacteria that cause conditions like dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera, etc. Thus, water needs to have some chemicals in it to keep down the bacteria. However, too many... View Article