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Why You Should Not Drink Arizona Tap Water

November 22, 2021

For those who live in Phoenix, the city’s tap water mostly comes from the Central Arizona Project and the Salt River Project. These rely on water sources like the Verde River, the Colorado River and the Salt River. The Deer Valley Water Treatment Plant is a facility that has ensured water quality for the last five decades by filtering out bacteria and viruses that could prove dangerous. This process is necessary to ensure a base level of water safety; however, there are other considerations you may want to take into account if you want the best quality water for you... View Article

The Purpose of Oxidation Reduction Treatments

November 4, 2021

Water filtration and treatment has come a long way in the past few decades. New solutions are being introduced that are more effective than ever at creating pure, high-quality water. Oxidation reduction, also referred to as redox, is one of the key advancements in the treatment of water. Why is it so important? This method serves several purposes that are key to water treatment: Reduces contaminants naturally: Oxidation reduction is a natural electrochemical process that can be used to absorb and remove contaminants from water. Rather than introduce new potentially hazardous substances to the water system, this method uses naturally... View Article

The Importance of Water Purification in Arizona

October 21, 2021

Water purification is an important step in water use and consumption. By filtering your water in Arizona, you can reap several benefits. Here’s what you need to know. Water purification is a complete solution Perhaps you buy bottled water because you don’t like the taste or quality of the tap water in your home. However, this doesn’t really solve the problem of poor water quality. First, you will have to continue to replenish your supply of bottled water. This can get costly over the years. Second, drinking from a different source doesn’t provide good water for other household functions. Consider... View Article

The Top 5 Reasons to Purify Your Water

October 13, 2021

Access to clean water should be a human right. We’re lucky in America to have a solid infrastructure system that strives to provide contaminant-free drinking water to every city and town—but, as we’ve seen in Flint, Michigan, that’s not always the case. City water sources can become contaminated, leaving residents susceptible to all kinds of harmful bacteria and toxins. Instead of relying on the city to provide you with clean water, take matters into your own hands by installing a water purification system. Keep reading to learn a few benefits of having purified water in your home. Add a layer... View Article

Everything You Should Know About Whole House Water Purification

September 27, 2021

We like to think that the water in our homes is free of bacteria, toxins and other minerals. While that’s true for the most part (thanks to our American infrastructure system), our water isn’t always healthy. That’s why we sometimes have boil-water advisories. The solution to ensure you always have clean water is a whole house purification system. This post will cover everything you need to know about residential water purification. How do whole house purification systems work? There are many different types of whole house purifiers on the market that utilize various methods to purify water. Some use filters... View Article