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Everything You Should Know About Whole House Water Purification

September 27, 2021

We like to think that the water in our homes is free of bacteria, toxins and other minerals. While that’s true for the most part (thanks to our American infrastructure system), our water isn’t always healthy. That’s why we sometimes have boil-water advisories. The solution to ensure you always have clean water is a whole house purification system. This post will cover everything you need to know about residential water purification. How do whole house purification systems work? There are many different types of whole house purifiers on the market that utilize various methods to purify water. Some use filters... View Article

The Importance of Water Purification and Filtration

December 9, 2020

All humans require access to clean, drinkable water. It is essential for healthy body function, and a necessity for all life. By prioritizing water filtration, you ensure you are getting the cleanest, purest water possible. Having high-quality drinking water available to you at all times encourages you to drink more water to keep yourself healthy, and there are a variety of other benefits to consider as well. Here’s an overview of the importance of water filtration in Scottsdale, AZ and why you should consider purchasing a whole-house water filter: Improved taste: One of the most noticeable benefits of having purified... View Article

A Guide to Safe Tap Water and Water Filters

September 10, 2020

These days, people are more aware than ever about the downsides of drinking bottled water. From excessive costs to landfill waste, there are a lot of reasons why people want to stop drinking so much bottled water. To make the switch, though, it’s important to have access to safe tap water in Scottsdale, AZ, and not all homeowners get quality drinking water from the tap. The good news is that it’s possible to improve the quality of your tap water with an investment in water filtration. Tap water basics Tap water is usually provided by a municipal water service and... View Article

Healthy Minerals to Keep in Water

August 27, 2020

Access to healthy water is essential for overall wellbeing, but a lot of people don’t spend much time thinking about the quality of the water they drink. The reality is that not all water is the same, and there are some water sources that offer better quality and more essential minerals. If you want to learn more about the healthy minerals found in water in Scottsdale, AZ, keep reading. Minerals in water There are lots of healthy minerals in water in Scottsdale, AZ, but their levels can vary dramatically depending on your water source. Here are some of the most... View Article

What Is the Quality of My Water?

August 12, 2020

If you’re like most people, thinking about the water you’re drinking doesn’t go much further than a quick glance at the tap as you fill your glass. If the water gushing out looks clear, you probably think you’re fine. But in fact, you may be drinking inferior quality water without even realizing it. Fortunately, there is a way you can get the water quality information you need in Scottsdale, AZ. Here’s how to do it. Why should I care about my water quality? There are numerous reasons to pay attention to the quality of water coming out of your spout.... View Article

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