Is Water Purification Necessary in Arizona

January 23, 2023

A water filtration system is a terrific way to help to make sure your home has the best-tasting water. It can also help to keep your family healthy and make your coffee, tea, and other beverages taste their best.

Phoenix-Area Water Is Harder Than Most

If you have a water softener, then you understand the difference between hard water and soft water. Unfortunately, the primary reason why you need a water filtration system in Arizona is that the water is harder than in other states.

For example, the Phoenix area’s water supply contains a lot of magnesium and calcium. Calcium and magnesium make the water especially hard when drawing it from the tap. Your water softener helps to remove them for your shower, bath, and laundry. But a water filtration system will help to make your tap water taste better because it will be better.

Arizona Residents Share Common Water Sources

Arizona is a prominent part of the Desert Southwest. There are relatively few water sources, so the water quality is generally the same across the state. That means hard water no matter where you live.

Arizona communities and their residents generally draw water from one of three sources. Those are the:

  • Colorado River.
  • Salt River.
  • Verde River.

Some properties do have their own wells and groundwater sources, but they are relatively few. The vast majority of freshwater in Arizona comes from the three rivers listed and their respective reservoirs. That means lots of minerals and other substances that make the water hard and less appealing to drink.

Water Purification Improves Water Quality

Arizona homeowners have two general options for ensuring that they get clean and good-tasting water. One is to buy it from a store or have it delivered. Water delivery can be costly, and stores might not always have the type of water that you want.

The other option is to install a water purification system in your home. Then you can get good water from virtually any tap in your home. You also can rest better knowing that you are drinking more healthful water that makes your coffee, tea, and other drinks taste much better than if you used normal tap water.

Water Purification Offers Many Benefits

It is impossible to overstate the importance of water purification in Arizona. With very limited water sources, it is easy for wide areas of the state to endure poor water quality for extended periods. Any kind of water contamination would affect homes across a very broad area.

The state’s naturally hard water can also take a toll on your sinks, bathtubs, and shower. Depending on the type of water purification system, you can protect yourself against most potential threats to clean and fresh water in your home.

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