The Benefits of Water Purification

December 5, 2022

People often use the terms water purification and water filtration interchangeably, but the truth is these are two distinct processes that accomplish two different goals. If you are concerned about the water quality in your home or business, it is important that you know the difference between these two processes. This quick guide will provide you with information on understanding the differences and benefits of water purification.

Why Water Needs To Be Treated

Water purification and filtration are necessary in the first place because almost all water from any source will have a certain amount of contaminants. Community water is treated with chemicals such as chlorine, fluorosilicic acid, aluminum sulfate, and other chemicals to kill bacteria and harmful organisms. Although necessary to in the treatment process, these chemicals in high amounts can be harmful.

In addition to this, water will naturally pick up nitrates, metal salts, pesticides, and more as it passes through pipes. Once the water reaches your home or office faucet, it could contain many harmful contaminants. For these reasons, many people use further purification or filtration processes to clean their water.

Water Filtration Vs. Water Purification

Water filtration is a process in which large foreign particles are removed from the water. This does not necessarily affect the quality of the water on a microscopic level.

Water purification, on the other hand, is a process that removes harmful contaminants at a much deeper level. Water purification can remove chemicals in the water that are on a microscopic level.

The Benefits of Home Water Purification

Reverse osmosis systems are one of the best ways to truly purify your water. These systems can remove almost all harmful contaminants from your drinking water. The benefits of this system include:

  • Healthier water for you and your family
  • Less harmful impact on appliances, faucets, and sinks
  • Protection from harmful chemicals for medically fragile people
  • Protection from harmful chemicals for babies

How To Achieve Water Purification in Your Home or Business

If you are concerned about water contaminants in your home or business, you can have water purification systems professionally installed. You should understand that these types of systems are far more sophisticated than the simple water filters that can be installed on your faucets. Remember, a water filter will only remove large particles from water. A water purification system will get down to a microscopic level to remove harmful chemicals and other pathogens that can slip through a filter.

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