How Whole House Water Purification Works

September 12, 2022

Are you wondering how a whole house water filter works? A whole house water purification system provides your household with filtered, clean water throughout the entire house, not just the kitchen sink. This will include the water you use to bathe or shower, when you brush your teeth and when you wash your veggies prior to cooking them. These systems work to prevent contaminated water from coming into your home.

Process of Whole House Water Filter Systems

Here is a guide to whole house water filters so you can gain some insight into exactly how they work.

The Pre-Filter Process

Water that comes into your home first goes through a pre-filter process to take out larger particulates, impurities, and contaminants that hide in your tap water. This first step traps anything that is more than five microns in size, such as silt and sediment. By preventing sediment from coming into your pipes, your pre-filter will prevent long-term damage to your appliances and plumbing as well. This, in turn, will keep your water clean.

You should replace your pre-filter cartridge every two months, but it depends on your water quality and sediment levels. Sediment levels may vary depending on the location you live. When you first install your pre-filter, it will start out white. However, if you begin to notice a change in the filter color or that the flow rate begins to slow down, you know it’s time to replace your filter.

Rhino Filtration

Municipal water companies use chlorine to treat your water prior to sending it to your home. However, once the water enters your home, chlorine can evaporate in shower steam which will then contaminate the air that you are breathing in. Chlorine has a long shelf life.

However, it can still leave contaminants such as chlorine-resistant cysts and pharmaceuticals.

This is the stage where chlorine gets filtered out of your water. However, you may be wondering exactly how much gets filtered out. Typically, 97% of the chlorine taste and odor will be removed during this process. This will improve the air quality indoors almost instantly just by filtering the water throughout your home, as well as reducing your body’s exposure to harsh contaminants.

Post-Filter Completes the Process

The smallest part of this entire process is your post-filter. It serves as an important polishing agent and works to catch sediment and organic particles that may still remain in your water. Just make sure that you replace your post-filter every six months to prevent your system from clogging and to avoid experiencing pressure drops.

Furthermore, if you decide to pair your entire home system using ultraviolet light, you will still be able to keep your family safe by reducing almost 100% of viruses and bacteria that can remain in your water.

There are so many benefits of whole house purification systems. You can customize your system to match your needs. You can even purchase a system that will last 6 to 10 years. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to protect them from contaminants before they even have a chance to enter your home.

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