What Is Whole House Water Purification And Its Benefits

July 4, 2022

Water purification is fundamental among homeowners who want access to clean water for consumption and other uses. Some homeowners may have questions about the water purification approaches available. Whole house water purification is one option.

What Is Whole House Purification?

This type of water purification system is designed to offer clean water in all the faucets and showerheads in your home. The system is usually connected to your house’s primary water supply line, so all the water entering your property must go through the filtration process. The benefits of a home water filtration system are discussed below. 

  • Safe drinking water for all

A whole-house water filtration system will help ensure that all the water in your home is safe for consumption. The system filters out all the contaminants that might be present in the water, including harmful chemicals and bacteria. As such, you can ensure that everyone in your family will be safe from waterborne diseases when installing a whole-house water filtration system. 

  • Cleaner water for washing

In addition to providing safe drinking water, a whole-house water purification system will also ensure that the water in your home is clean enough for washing. The system eliminates all the contaminants that might cause staining on your clothes or leave them smelling bad. Therefore, you need this system to have safe drinking water and clean water for all your domestic needs.

  • Soap scum-free showers

When you use filtered water for showering, you will also notice that there will be no more soap scum on your shower doors or walls as the filtration eliminates all the minerals that usually cause soap scum. You will no longer have to scrub your shower doors and walls vigorously to remove soap scum when you have a whole-house water filtration system.

  • Improved appliance performance

If you have noticed that your appliances seem to be working less efficiently, it might be because they are being affected by the quality of the water being supplied to them. When you install a whole-house water purification system, you can be sure that your appliances will always perform at their best because they will be receiving clean water. This is especially important for appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines that use water. Systems perform at optimum levels when they use clean water that is free from contaminants. 


Whole house water filtration systems offer many benefits to homeowners. These systems ensure that all the water in your home is safe for consumption and clean enough for your domestic needs. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to improve the water quality in your home, you should consider installing a whole-house water purification system. Contact WES Water today to learn more about our whole-house water filtration systems. We will assist you with a water filtration system that meets your water needs at home.

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