The Purpose of Oxidation Reduction Treatments

November 4, 2021

Water filtration and treatment has come a long way in the past few decades. New solutions are being introduced that are more effective than ever at creating pure, high-quality water. Oxidation reduction, also referred to as redox, is one of the key advancements in the treatment of water. Why is it so important? This method serves several purposes that are key to water treatment:

  • Reduces contaminants naturally: Oxidation reduction is a natural electrochemical process that can be used to absorb and remove contaminants from water. Rather than introduce new potentially hazardous substances to the water system, this method uses naturally occurring reactions to purify the water.
  • Removes heavy metals: The oxidation reduction process removes up to 98 percent of positively charged ions of dissolved metals. These metals can pose threats to human health and the environment. Materials include copper, lead, nickel, mercury and chromium. These metals are reduced or recovered by the oxidation reduction system to create cleaner, healthier water.
  • Reduces bacteria: Microorganisms are common in water sources. Oxidation reduction can help reduce the bacteria and other microorganisms in the water. The process kills bacteria and interferes with the ability of these organisms to function and live in the water. The result is cleaner water.
  • Reforms contaminants: The interaction of electrons that occurs during oxidation reduction changes some harmful contaminants into harmless substances. This natural conversion process makes the final water product cleaner and safer for consumption and other uses.

The final result

The main purpose of oxidation reduction is to reduce the contaminants in the water supply. But why is this so important? The contaminants removed through oxidation reduction can cause problems in multiple ways. Oxidation reduction avoids these problems.

  • Health concerns: Certain metals, bacteria and other substances that can be found in water can pose health threats if consumed. By eliminating these concerns, oxidation reduction provides water that is healthier for human consumption and for the surrounding environment.
  • System concerns: Contaminants removed through oxidation reduction can cause damage to pipes, appliances, fixtures and other property systems. Over time, these contaminants can generate sediment buildup, clogs, rusting and rotting. Oxidation reduction rids systems of contaminants so everything runs more smoothly and reliably, reducing maintenance, repair and replacement costs.
  • Cleanliness concerns: When water is filled with contaminants, it is hard for the liquid to clean effectively. The contaminants may interact poorly with soaps and detergents. They may also leave skin feeling dry, sticky or slimy. Oxidation reduction effectively removes contaminants, so the water can function better as a cleaning agent for everything from bathing to laundry to dishes.

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