How Businesses Benefit from Industrial Filtration Equipment

January 11, 2021

Industrial water filtration equipment benefits Scottsdale, AZ businesses in a wide variety of industries, and really any business that needs to protect its water supply from becoming a source of contamination. In fact, if you process more than 12 gallons per minute, a good filtration system is a must.

There are several types of water filtration systems available to businesses, and each is suitable for different industry requirements. Depending on your company’s needs, the right industrial filtration system offers a host of benefits to the user.

Types of industrial filtration equipment

To improve your water quality and spend minimally on maintenance of your industrial filtration equipment, choose the best type of water filtration system to suit your business needs. Depending on the space you have available and the investment you are able to make, each piece of equipment usually comes in varying sizes to accommodate your unique needs.

One option is to install a filter press, which is great for separating solids from liquids during the filtration process. It is used in the construction industry to separate water from concrete to reuse, cutting down on costs and improving efficiencies.

Wastewater clarifiers, like filter presses, are also offered in a wide range of sizes to suit differing business needs. This equipment removes particles from water for a pure end product that can be used in a variety of industries for different uses.

If you need to remove solids or other contaminants from the waste stream for better recycling, a dissolved air flotation clarifier may be the ticket. Regardless of the solution, each type of industrial filtration equipment results in a wide array of benefits to the user.

Business benefits of water filtration

Restaurants, breweries and distilleries in Scottsdale, AZ are not the only businesses that need pure water for production. Hotels, hospitals, apartment complexes, spas and even recycling centers have use for water that has been processed for purity and clarity.

Food and beverage safety is one key benefit of installing a water filtration system at your business. Hotels and apartment complexes that offer drinking water as well as bathroom and kitchen water can protect against liability by ensuring safe water for all their residents and guests. Pure, uncontaminated water can prevent disease and other illnesses from spreading around your complex.

Reusing water is one of the main priorities of installing a water filtration system at your business. Not only can it save you money through reuse of water inputs, but it is also better for the environment. The more you can reduce and recycle, the less of an impact you have on the planet and the supply of non-renewable resources. The better compost you are able to produce through filtration, the more your industrial water filtration equipment will be able to help you reach your zero-waste goals.

To maintain a high standard and quality of water at your business, the best place to start is researching the option best suited to your needs. Contact a professional at WES Water in Scottsdale, AZ for more information or a consultation.

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