Frequency of Water Softener Service

July 22, 2020

You rely on your water softener to reduce plumbing buildup and the effects of hard water on skin and hair. Even if you change out the salt regularly, you still need to plan for water softener service in Scottsdale, AZ from time to time. Besides the usual water softener maintenance, it is recommended that you arrange for an annual inspection and service. Here are four reasons why this visit is important:

  • General upkeep: There are two tasks you should perform regularly with a water softener: adding salt and cleaning out the brine tank. Adding salt is the easy part, but on some models, it is difficult to get the brine tank as clean as it needs to be for optimal functioning. At a service appointment, the technician will clean out the brine tank more thoroughly and sanitize the system when needed. They will also recharge the resins so your softener will work more efficiently. While you may believe you can do this on your own, a technician will be able to finish these tasks much more quickly.
  • Optimized performance: Your technician will check settings to ensure your softener is working at its full potential. They will check valve settings to not only see if they work, but also make adjustments if your household changed recently. If your child left for college or you acquired a roommate, you will need to adjust the softener to reflect the new water usage. Many softeners regenerate based on current consumption, so it is important to set the valves right. This can save you money if your household demands are less or increase performance if there are more people showering and using water at your home.
  • General maintenance: Like all appliances, water softeners have parts that wear out. These include moving parts within it but also plastic parts, like O-rings, that wear out over time. When you keep up with this work, your softener will last longer and offer you the benefits of softer water. Before you balk at maintenance expenses, remember that the water softener saves money on soap usage and keeps your appliances safe from water minerals. There is no doubt that by avoiding this catastrophic damage, the water softener pays for itself and its maintenance in the long run.
  • Water testing: A technician visit is also a good time for a water assessment. They check for the presence of current minerals and determine if there are further demands on your water softener. Most homeowners on a well are accustomed to frequent water tests, but this service does not need to be limited to well users. Even if you do not have to worry about stormwater and runoff as much, municipal plants can alter the water coming into them and never inform their customers. Based on these results, a technician can modify settings, install a prefilter or make any other adjustments to ensure you continue receiving high-quality water.

WES Water offers water filtration systems for homes and businesses. Contact us today if you require water softener service or assistance with regular water softener maintenance in Scottsdale, AZ.

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