How Water Purification Helps to Save Water

June 2, 2020

One of our most basic needs as humans is fresh, clean water. The water purification process allows us to take water that might otherwise have an overabundance of minerals or contaminants and make it suitable for drinking, cooking, cleaning and other purposes.

There are added benefits to the water purification process, though. You may not know that you can actually save water with water purification in Scottsdale, AZ. With the use of water purification and filtration systems, water can be conserved and reused again.

When you consider the billions of dollars Americans spend on purchasing bottled water each year, it is far better for the environment and for your bank account to recycle your water through filtration and purification.

Here’s a quick overview of the process and how filtration works.

The steps of the filtration process

There are two primary techniques used in water filtration: physical and chemical filtration. Physical filtration involves removing the solid waste from the water, and chemical filtration involves eliminating chemical contaminants. There will generally be several stages of the water filtration and purification process:

  • Filtration: In this initial stage, the solid waste gets separated from the liquid. The water will pass through a filter membrane or other medium, in which the purpose is to allow water to pass through while the filter retains the solid particles. Some of the finer solids and compounds may not be able to be removed in the initial filtration, which is why further stages are required to complete the process.
  • Separation: This second, more thorough stage of filtration ensures any solid particles that were not removed through the first pass will be taken care of. It will include the isolation of compounds that are contaminants to remove them from the water. This will involve the use of devices like centrifuges and cyclones.
  • Purification: The last step is purification. At this point solid wastes will have been removed, so the focus is on removing any last chemical contaminants and micro-contaminants that are still present in the water. There will be a series of pre-filters used to remove those tiny contaminants. The object is to ensure every contaminant, no matter how small, is completely removed so the water is safe.

Water purification saves water

As we previously mentioned, one of the biggest benefits associated with the water filtration and purification process is that it will help you conserve water. The water you purify will be stored for future use, so you can ensure any water that passes through the filtration and purification system will not go to waste.

This is especially important in areas that do not see a lot of rainfall each year and deal with regular droughts. The little water you get must be conserved and reused as much as possible so you do not do any damage to the land around you.

Water is a basic need for all life, and conserving it is a respectful and appropriate way to manage it. WES Water can help with your efforts. For more information about how water purification can help save water in Scottsdale, AZ, contact our team today.

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