Water Filtration Systems Help Remove Bacteria from Water

May 11, 2020

Having fresh, potable water is important, whether you’re drinking it, cooking with it or using it in a commercial or industrial application. When it comes to deciding which water filtration system is right for you, however, it might not be immediately clear which kinds achieve which effects.

If removing bacteria from your water in Scottsdale, AZ is your goal, you need a purification system, rather than a softener or conditioner. WES Water offers residential, commercial and industrial water purification and conditioner systems that can deliver superior results. Here’s how to decide which system is right for you.

What kind of water do you have?

Before choosing a system, get your tap or well water tested. What is lurking in your water? Chances are, there will be plenty of minerals as well as some bacteria. Bacteria is very common in tap water, and not all of it is harmful to your health. However, if coliform bacteria are present, this means that trace amounts of human and animal waste are present in your water, which can cause illness and disease.

Choosing the right water system

Find your water problem on this list to see the recommended solution:

  • Bacteria, microbes and viruses: If you have pathogens lurking in your water, you’re at risk of developing gastrointestinal illness, infections and diarrhea. A purification system with a UV filter is an effective way to eliminate these germs from your drinking water.
  • Chemical or sulfuric odors: Does your water smell like a swimming pool or a rotten egg? You might have chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, pesticides and other chemicals in your water. This can be solved with a whole-house water purification system, which also delivers softened water for better taste and reduced detergent usage.
  • Hard water and heavy scale buildup: Those mineral deposits in your sink and tub aren’t just ugly—they can also increase your soap and shampoo consumption and ruin your clothes. To treat hard water, get a salt-based water softener.
  • Hard water and mild scale buildup: If you’re interested in getting rid of mineral scale without adding salt to the water, all in a maintenance-free system, a salt-free water softener will address this issue.
  • Rust and iron stains: When your water leaves rusty red stains behind, it can be frustrating to clean. Get iron-free (and odor-free) water by installing an iron and hydrogen sulfide removal system.

What if your water has more than one of these problems? Call the experts at WES Water to find out how to combine treatment options for maximum efficacy.

Water filtration to remove bacteria in Scottsdale, AZ

Purified water is a healthier and tastier choice, which is why WES Water is dedicated to helping provide and install water filtration, purification and softening systems to our clients. We offer systems suitable for residential, commercial and industrial customers, custom-designed to fit your specific needs. With over 35 years of experienced in the water filtration industry, we pride ourselves on being Scottsdale’s local experts. Call us today to get started with a consultation.

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