What Should I Look for When Buying a Whole House Filtration System?

December 20, 2019

A whole house water filtration system is a great investment in your health, as well as a way of providing your family or commercial building with great-tasting water. Instead of filtering water at the faucet or through pitchers, a whole house system connects to the main water line, so it will dispense filtered water everywhere, including to showers, toilets, washing machines and other appliances.

Here’s an overview of what to look for when you’re considering choosing whole house filtration in Scottsdale, AZ.

What do I need to remove?

The first step in determining which system is right for you is to get a water report from your municipality. Once you know the sort of contaminants that are prevalent in your drinking water supply, you can decide which compounds to focus on filtering.

Common contaminants include sediment, chemicals and iron. Sediment refers to visible dirt particles in the water, including dust, debris, rust and sand. If you have a high amount of sediment in your water, you may consider multiple filters or reusable ones.

Often, chemicals like chlorine are present in the water supply, which can be removed with a carbon filter. Finally, iron is a major problem in many areas, whether it’s ferrous (dissolved) or ferric (rust). These can be removed with a sediment filter, oxidizing filter or ion exchange.

What should I look for?

First, consider the flow rate—that’s the number of gallons per minute available to run appliances like your toilet, dishwasher, shower and more. Depending on your home size, you may use up to 40 gallons per minute, so you’ll need a filter that can handle the workload.

Your filter size will also help determine how much water is available at any given time. For most homes, this will be 4.5” by 20”, but size will vary. Similarly, look at the filter life—how many gallons of water can it purify during its lifespan? You may consider standalone carbon filters with carbon beds, which can last longer than standard filters if there’s a backwash valve and a regular backwash cycle.

Finally, you’ll want to look at the port size, which should ideally be 1”. Even if your pipes are ¾”, using 1” ports will prevent any water pressure drops during periods of high use.

With some careful research and the help of a trusted professional, you’ll have clean water flowing throughout your home in no time.

Get help choosing the right whole house filtration system

WES Water can help you choose the right system for your needs. Our whole house water filter systems come backed by the highest standards of design and construction in the water treatment industry. They’re totally automatic, use no salt or potassium, leave healthy minerals behind and have a 10-year limited warranty. You’ll get the benefit of a low-maintenance whole house water filter, in addition to environmentally-friendly, low energy operation. Invest in your health and your environment by calling us right away for assistance with whole house filtration buying in Scottsdale, AZ!

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