Learn the Pros and Cons of a Whole House Water Filtration System

November 29, 2019

Concerns over clean water have been a major topic of conversation and worry for decades, but as science helps us learn more about what’s in our water, fewer people trust their tap water. That’s for good reason—harmful chemicals and organic matter are routinely found in tap water, and bottled water isn’t much safer. Between drinking and bathing, we absorb a lot of water each day. It doesn’t make sense to gamble with your health when it comes to something we all need.

Fortunately, by investing in a whole house water filtration system in Scottsdale, AZ, you can remove just about any contaminant you can think of from your water. It attaches to your outside water line so that your entire home will receive clean, fresh water without requiring additional filters.

Benefits of whole house water filtration systems

  • One system for the entire house: Aside from having clean water, the biggest benefit of installing a whole house water filtration system is that you only need one point of filtration. Some people choose to use different types of filters for different rooms, but this type of system renders that unnecessary.
  • Soften hard water: In addition to purifying your water and making it taste great, whole house water filtration systems in Scottsdale, AZ can also soften your hard water. If you’ve been having a hard time with lime scale buildup, you’ll love how soft water can improve your laundry, appliance efficiency, hair, skin and even your cooking.
  • Cut down on waste: Bottled water is a huge source of pollution in landfills, oceans and elsewhere. Billions of bottles wash ashore each year, and millions of gallons of oil are needed to produce even more plastic.

Drawbacks of whole house water filtration systems

  • The expense: Whole house water filtration systems aren’t cheap, but they are an important investment you can make in your home and your health. They also require professional installation.
  • Taking up space: Many smaller homes will not be able to accommodate the sheer size of a whole house water filtration system.
  • Capacity: If you go through more than 50 gallons of water per task, you may find that your whole house water filtration system lacks the capacity to deliver enough water. However, this can encourage you to practice water conservation.

Whatever your preference, WES Water has a solution for you.

Install a whole house water filtration system in Scottsdale, AZ

For a whole-home solution to getting clean, safe potable water, nothing beats the effectiveness and ease of a WES Water Purification System. Our state-of-the-art technology utilizes the reduction-oxidation (RO) process to purify the water and will reduce/eliminate metals, oxidizing agents, random nuclei, organics, biologicals and other contaminants in the water. Our whole house water filtration systems in Scottsdale, AZ come backed by the highest standards of design and construction in the water treatment industry. Get in touch with our team today to find out how a WES Water Purification System can enhance your home and health. We look forward to working with you soon!

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