What’s the Difference Between Water Filtration and Water Purification?

August 15, 2019

We all want water that’s safe to drink, but deciding how you’ll accomplish that goal is another matter. You’ve heard of water filtration systems and water purifiers, but do you know the difference? Did you even realize there is one? Many companies use the terms interchangeably, causing confusion among consumers.

Whether you need a water filter or purifier will depend largely on what’s in your area’s tap water and what you’re hoping to keep out. In some cases, you might consider installing both systems. For all your water filtration and water purification needs in Scottsdale, AZ, visit or contact us at WES Water. We’ll be happy to help you decide which options make sense for your home.

What’s in the Water?

Before you can decide which system is right for you, you need to know what’s in your local tap water. Even pure water—H2O—will pick up minerals, impurities and chemical compounds along the way to your tap. In most municipal areas, you’ll find trace amounts of chlorine, pesticides, industrial waste, fecal matter and other harmful substances. 90 percent of American tap water meets the EPA standards for being safe to drink, but those traces remain. In fact, despite municipal water treatment, additional bacteria and viruses can still make their way into your home through your tap water.

Water Filtration vs. Water Purification

The main difference between water filtration and purification is what the systems are designed to keep out. Water filtration in Scottsdale, AZ is designed to remove contaminants like chlorine, lead, mercury, magnesium, chromium, copper, nickel, iron and more. They can also inhibit development of bacteria, viruses and fungi, but won’t remove them completely.

Water purifiers get rid of bacteria and fungi—but they don’t help remove other contaminants like the ones listed above. This is why, depending on your home and location, you may want to consider adding both water filtration and purification systems.

For folks who just want clean water to drink, cook and bathe with, a filtration system may be sufficient. However, for those homeowners who want to rest assured knowing their water is as clean as it can be, a dual filtration and purification system is ideal. Not only will you get fresh, clean water, but you’ll reduce your environmental impact when you can refill reusable water bottles straight from the tap.

Finally, you might consider adding a water softening system, too. Minerals in your tap water can build up not only in pipes, but inside your appliances. Salt-free water softeners are great for keeping your glassware clean and your appliances running at maximum efficiency. Plus, by using salt-free softeners, you’ll keep your waste water much cleaner.

Need help deciding what system your home requires? Not sure how a water filtration, purification or softening system can work for you? Contact the professionals at WES Water to learn more about water purification and water filtration in Scottsdale, AZ. We’ll help you decide which system is right for your needs during a free in-home consultation.

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